Citrine Cluster

Citrine Cluster


This citrine cluster is beautiful - great clarity, color and forms!

Citrine Crystals are a variety of quartz and are closely related to Amethyst. Many of the stones on the market are created from Amethyst Crystals by heat treatment.

Although it is believed that this process does not actually damage the stone, the heat treated stones have different qualities to the natural genuine Citrine crystals.

The lovely Burmese crystals that is in the tantric twin formation, shown in the picture on the right is natural.

There are also quite a few others among my pieces of this crystal that are natural unheated stones, including the lovely Honey Citrine shown in the image in the column on the right.

It is quite easy to find Citrine to buy, as its popularity is high, as it is known to be the premier manifestation stone.

As it is a quartz it has a strong amplification ability, and most people are aware of the energy emitted by this lovely yellow stone.

One of the less well known Citrine properties are their strong ability to soothe fear and anxiety. By allowing you to let go of your fear it may aid you to be able to accept into your life the good that is coming your way

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