Little Veracruz Cluster

Little Veracruz Cluster


This specimen is quite amazing. Veracruz amethyst comes from Mexico, and is the only amethyst that grows these long, clear, quartzlike crystals. This piece features multiple points, with a drusy calcite base over it's matrix. Truly a collectors piece!


Vera Cruz Amethyst is a very special high vibration crystal. The energy of the Vera Cruz Amethyst will create an excellent connection with spirit, and a protective energy surrounding the user.

Vera Cruz Amethyst will take you almost instantly into a meditative and/or journeying state. This is because Vera Cruz Amethyst can produce an immediate “Beta” state during meditation, and can help those who are having a difficult time achieving a deep meditation. This property can also help those trying to connect with angels or spirit guides. Try mediating with a Vera Cruz Amethyst Point on the Third Eye Chakra for developing intuition and connecting with spiritual realms.

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