Flight of Fancy is a design collective born from one desire: conscious crafting.  

Each piece is hand made in San Diego, CA using sustainable materials in every way possible: gems are hand selected from sustainable mines, metal is discarded scrap, leather is reclaimed, and animal products are collected either completely cruelty-free, or are the byproducts from free-range, complete life cycle food farms. 

By supporting a sustainable lifestyle, we can hope to make a difference in some small way, one jewelry box at a time. 

Our Story

Flight of Fancy gained it's start humbly at Farmers Markets, and as a means to travel. Damien Ducommun and Kate Connor met in such a setting, and with his knowledge of leather work and her passion for accessories, a collaboration was born. Having traveled around the world sourcing material and inspiration, the duo aims to create from the heart, and share their experiences on a wearable and personal level. 

"We love each and every piece, and every wearer as well. Art means so many things, and we truly and humbly hope people enjoy our expressions of it. We just want to thank everyone for their support, and our chance to grow and expand."