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Finding the perfect hat is like finding that piece you never knew was missing. We specializing in tailor creating hats based on our customers specified needs and desires. 



Each of our hats at their simplest comes with a simple leather or ribbon band

Wool Felt: Starting at $100

Wool felt is made using 100% European spun sheep wool. This would represent your standard felt hat found in retail stores. It is water resistant but not waterproof, and makes for a nice daily wear hat. This is a good option for those on a budget still wanting their own custom lid. It tends to be less stiff, and not the best option for extra wide brim hats.

100% Fur Felt: Starting at $220

Fur felt is made from 100% European hare fur. This option is the best start for a high end hat that will last a lifetime. Rabbit fur is naturally water resistant, and has a nice stiffness as an option for wide brim hats. It is soft, durable, and a material that helps create a hat you can cherish forever

Beaver Fur Felt: Starting at $440

Beaver fur is the ultimate material for making a lux, long-lasting heirloom hat. Naturally water resistant and durable, Beaver fur is incredibly soft yet maintains a stiffness and shape that rivals all other materials. It's a great option for creating a hat you can enjoy for your lifetime, and your children can enjoy for their's. 


From the basic hand blocked and shaped hat, there are a plethora of customizable options available to make your hat truly unique. Pricing can vary depending upon desires, but a general idea of customized pricing options include the following

Bound Brim: $50

6"+ Crown: $50

Feather Bundles: starting at $15

Hat Pins: starting at $25

Distressing: starting at $30 (***PLEASE NOTE: Some distressing methods such as fire distressing hold no guarantee of how it will exactly look when all is said and done. It's fire after all!)

Custom Hat Bands: Starting at $15


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