Q: How can I contact you?

Please use the contact page, or send us an email at for the quickest response! DMs and comments via Instagram sometimes get missed.....

Q: Why no phone number?

We are an incredibly small company - 2 people, to be exact, doing everything involved in this business. As a result, we do not have an "office" or separate work line, and we are not usually reachable by phone, so we do not include a number on our website. Email is the fastest way to communicate with us - our apologies!

Q: I see "handmade" a lot on websites - what makes yours different?

"Handmade" is a very broadly used term, and not all handmade items are alike. Many big jewelry brands that advertise "handmade in the USA" are made by production factories in mass quantities. Flight of Fancy, like other small jewelry companies, is bespoke - each piece you receive is hand made to order by a 2 person team in our studio in San Diego, CA. This is why it takes 1-7 business days for your order to ship - sometimes, we get a little back-logged! 

Q: What does "reclaimed and recycled" materials mean? 

When we advertise that our pieces are made using recycled and reclaimed materials, we mean that no new metals have been pulled from the earth in the process of our jewelry creation. All the metal we source is either considered "scrap" (our brass and copper come from industrial metal yards, where most customers need multiple-foot pieces of solid metal. Pieces too small for industrial use is considered "scrap", and is either thrown away or used by artists like us!), or has been refabricated using 100% recycled metals (sterling silver is very easy to recycle. We either find scrap silver via broken pieces to melt down and re use, or we purchase sheet and wire from companies that do the same thing. What was old is new!). 

Our handmade homeware pieces, such as wooden and glass shelves, are done similarly - we use broken windows and discarded wood to create these pieces. We don't like waste, and there is so much perfectly good material available this way! 

Q: EW! Bones and leather? Fur and feathers? Why do you use animal products? NOT cool!!!

When we say our pieces are made from 100% reclaimed and recycled materials, we mean it. Hundreds of yards of leather are thrown away every day by upholstry shops, because pieces are not big or perfect enough to be used for couches or chairs. Rather than see the byproduct of an animal's death go to waste, we prefer to use it and honor the animal instead. While Veg/veganism is a noble choice, the idea of leather scraps rotting away and an animal dying for no reason whatsoever breaks our hearts, and we would rather reuse. We choose to use leather for our crowns because of the strength of the material as opposed to vegan options. The fur we use is all vintage and antique - we use NO new fur. We purchase most fur we find, even if it is damaged beyond repair. These pieces are donated to a wildlife organization that uses discarded furs to make beds for abandoned baby animals while they are rehabbed. 

The bones we use are 100% natural death, and are either found in nature, or come from various wildlife refuges that contact us when an animal has passed away.

The feathers we use come from organic, free-range, zero waste farms. The animals are used for food, their feathers sent to people like us, and any other byproduct not fit for human consumption is used to make organic freeze-dried dog food.

Q: Are Vegan options available?

YES! Please leave a message in the NOTES section upon purchase, and we can provide vegan options.

Q: I am a blogger/stylist/brand influencer that would like to work with Flight of Fancy. How can this happen?

Because we are a small company selling hand made items, we have very little to give in the way of free merch. We are currently not looking for paid product placements via bloggers/influencers, and will consider merch for product placement trades on a case by case basis. Please send us an email regarding your proposal with links to your platforms, and we'll get back to you! If it doesn't work out, please do not take offense - it is incredibly costly, both time and money-wise, to give product away, and being such a small business, we have to be very particular about how often we do this.

We are very happy to provide pulls for stylists! Please note that because pieces are made to order, we have a VERY limited amount of samples! To ensure you can pull the items you want, please send requests at least 2 weeks prior to the shoot date they are needed (longer for international requests, as shipping takes much longer). Items are expected to be returned within 1 week of the shoot date, and in the same condition they were sent. 


Returns and Exchanges

Q: I'm not happy with my piece - can I return it? 

A: We're sorry to hear that! We want you to be 100% happy with your piece, so if you're not please send us an email and explain why. Unfortunately, custom pieces cannot be returned, as is explained on their shop page. We will, however, work with you to see if we can't make it exactly what you wanted. If the dissatisfaction is due to an error on our part, we will exchange it for the correct piece. 

If your piece is not a custom order and you would like a refund or exchange, it can be returned within 15 days of it being received. Pieces must be: 

*Unworn and in their original condition

*Include all original tags and packaging

*Return shipping is post marked within 15 days of original received date.  

We reserve the right to deny any unreasonable repairs, returns or exchanges. 

 Please ship returns and exchanges to

4654 Altadena Ave

San Diego, CA

92115 USA

*** Sale Items and Items bought on discount CAN be returned for the amount paid for the item. 


Q: When will I receive my refund? 

A: Refunds will be issued, minus shipping fee, within 1 business day of our receiving the piece.

Q: Can I exchange my piece for something different? 

A: As long as it is not a custom piece or sale item, then yes - within 15 days of receiving the item, you may exchange it for something of equal or lesser value, with any extra money upon exchange being refunded. Customer covers the cost of shipping in both sending the unwanted item back, and being sent their new item.  

We reserve the right to deny any unreasonable repairs, returns or exchanges. 

All refunds will be given for the amount paid at the time. Discount codes and sale items will be taken into account when the item is refunded



Q: Help! My piece broke - will you fix it? 

A: Oh no! The short answer is yes, we can handle repairs of damages due to issues in material and production, and we'll do it for free (minus the cost of shipping). However, if a piece was broken due to misuse or rough handling, we will not cover the costs of repair. Please read the Care section of the FAQ for instructions on proper wear and care of all of our pieces.

We reserve the right to deny any unreasonable repairs, returns or exchanges. 


Shipping and Handling 

Q: How long does it take for me to receive my item after I purchase it?  

A: We generally ask that you give us 1 - 7 business days before your order is shipped, as each piece is made to order. If a piece is ready to ship or processing time is longer than 1 - 5 business days, it will say this on it's shop page. For rush orders, please send us an email BEFORE your purchase, as prices and availability may vary.  

General shipping is Standard Priority 2-3  business days for domestic orders. International shipping varies by location 1 - 3 weeks.  

Q: I want it sooner than that, can I get it sooner than that? 

A: Quite possibly. Please send us an email BEFORE your purchase to enquire about rushed shipping and handling, as prices vary.  

Q: WHY is International shipping SO expensive?!

A: Unfortunately, it is the nature of International Shipping to not be cost friendly. We use USPS to ensure the best rates possible, but INTL shipping, especially to Europe and Australia, is very costly. As we are charged by weight, ordering home goods and crystals are especially costly, as packages can weigh upwards of 1 lb (upwards of .5 kilo). 


Custom Orders

Q: Do you accept custom orders?

A: We LOVE custom orders! Depending on what it is that you would like, completely custom orders have a current wait time of 2-3 weeks. This is due to us possibly needing to acquire the stones desired, and because your piece will be made to order especially for you. Please note that deposits are taken for custom pieces, to show that you are serious about your purchase.

Q: What if I just want a small tweak to a piece you already sell? Like a different color stone, or different chain length?

A: Generally this is a super easy request! Just email us first to make sure that your request is doable - generally it can be accommodated within the usual 1-7 business day window! If it cannot (if a stone must be ordered), we will let you know about any possible delays. Once you've communicated with us, go ahead and order the piece, siting your request in the NOTES section upon checkout!

Q: I want a wedding ring! Is that something you make?

A: Short answer is yes, but.....

Long answer is that we have made many wedding rings for very happy customers. However, we are NOT traditional wedding ring makers! If you're looking for traditional, we ain't your jewelers. However, if you are looking for something unique, special, and maybe a little out of the ordinary, we are happy to talk to you about the possibility of making your ring dreams come true! 

We do source conflict-free diamonds, and can work in 14K gold. 

Please remember that while we strive for beauty, "perfect" is not our style. However, if a rustic, one of a kind ring is what you desire, then we just may be the perfect jewelers for you!

Prices for custom wedding rings start at $300 (for, say, a semi-precious stone set in sterling silver), and can reach upwards of $2,000 (multiple diamonds set into gold). We can happily give you a quote before any piece is ordered. 


Proper Care

Q: How do I make sure my pieces stay in great shape? 

A: We make our pieces by hand, using the best materials we can find - we make them to last! That being said, there are some requests we have in the wearing of our pieces to improve their longevity

*Please do not swim, bathe, or shower in your jewelry. 

*Avoid any unnecessary exposure to extreme heat or moisture. 

*Do not clean with any chemicals, rather a soft, damp cloth.

*Please remove all jewelry before laborious, hard and physical labor that may damage them.  

Q: My piece is starting to look dull instead of shiny - what do I do?

A: All metals will naturally take on a patina, or aged look, as they are worn. However, there are a few things you can do to brighten them back up! Professional jewelry cleaners can do the trick, but easier still is to invest in a jewelry cloth, available for purchase online or in store at most fine jewelry retailers. Use the cloth to polish your pieces to a desired look! Your skin's natural oils will help as well.

Q: Um, why is my finger GREEN??

A: While silver products will NOT result in any greening of the skin, brass and copper are both considered "drawing" metals. The green that appears on some people's skin, especially after a day of long wear in the heat, is actually the result of toxins being pulled to your skin! Everyone's makeup is different, but generally people with a higher acidity level (which can be naturally occurring or the result of diet) will green faster than others. 

Unlike the black stain residue that is left from wearing cheap nickle-based jewelry, greening can be removed usually with a simple hand wash or baby wipe to the effected area. 

We coat all our metals in an eco-friendly metal sealer, but this does eventually wear off (the rate at which this happens depends on skin chemistry, how often it is worn, and how the piece is treated). We can happily re-seal your piece should you feel the sealer has come off for a small fee - please email us at for this



Q: The crystal I ordered doesn't look like the one in the picture!

A: We do our best to accurately photograph each crystal and mineral we sell, and feature it being held for a size reference. That being said, sometimes certain features of a mineral are hard to capture on camera, as are each angle and characteristic of the piece. If upon receiving it you are dissatisfied with the piece, it can be returned for the original cost of the crystal. Return shipping is not refunded.

Q: It showed up broken!!!

A: Oh no!!! Although we do our best to package each crystal as well as possible, the mail system can be a little rough sometimes. For pieces that show up obviously broken, we offer 2 options:

1- If you are ok with the damage and still love the piece, you may keep it, and we happily give you a coupon to use for a discount off your next purchase. 

2- If the damage is too great to be ok with, we can open a case with USPS. Please document the damage upon opening to send to us, return the crystal, and we will refund both the original cost and return shipping. The rest is up to us and USPS!

Q: Can you find me a certain stone? I've been looking everywhere!

A: We are always happy to do our best to find certain stones for people upon request - our years in the gem industry have allowed us quite a few contacts, and very little is impossible for us to find. Generally we will require your desired budget (and we will give you a realistic budget range should you not be sure), and specifications. We'll then begin the hunt! While we cannot guarantee that we can find what you're after, we'll do our best to source it.

During the month of February, we open up personal shopping slots for gemstones while we visit the biggest gem show of the year for us. Here, the sky is truly the limit! Given a budget and a general idea of stones desired, we will shop in real time for you, providing photos as we find things of truly top-quality pieces at prices you will not find ANYWHERE else! If you're looking for THE best way to get the best, biggest, and most unique stones at the best prices, and catered to your desires, this personal shopping option is super fun and a unique experience!

Q: This vintage homeware piece I bought looks really old and worn - what gives?

A: The nature of selling vintage items is that by  nature, they're not in perfect condition. While we try to document each little crack, bump or bend on a piece in photos, please understand upon purchase that these pieces are not in perfect condition, and always priced accordingly! Homeware may be returned in it's received condition for the original price paid - return shipping is not refunded.