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First, a bit about us. 

Flight of Fancy is a 2 person team, comprised of myself, Kate, and Damien.

6 years ago we met at a Farmers Market. We made googly eyes at each other for a few weeks in a row, when he finally got the nerve to come up to my booth and have me put feathers in his hair. 

I've always believed in soulmates, though not in a conventional sense. To me, a soulmate can be anyone - a family member, friend, lover - who comes into your life and has an effect on it that changes the course of your being for the better. To date, I've been lucky enough to have 5 soul mates, each with a finger on the pulse of my life, whether they knew it or not. 

While I'm still incredibly close with almost all of them, Damien was the game changer. Here we are - a partnership in love, life, and creation - living each others dreams as our own. We truly are blessed.

But enough about us - we're really just vessels. From humble beginnings our brand has grown beyond crafting for a local farmers market into our lifestyle, and one we would be honored to share with you all.

From home decor to DIYs, guest blogs and home tours from some of our web faves, deep explorations of the trends we love and where they come from, our work's deepest inspiration, and an exploration of the handmade artisan movement, we hope this space will be one of inspiration, art, life and love.

From our heart to your's, we hope you enjoy what we have on offer.&nbsp;  Loving warmly,  Kate &amp; Damien  Flight of Fancy

From our heart to your's, we hope you enjoy what we have on offer. 

Loving warmly,

Kate & Damien

Flight of Fancy

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