Blooming Crystal Antlers A

Blooming Crystal Antlers A


This piece is made using natural death California deer antlers. Clear Quartz and Halite are the crystals attached and grown on the skull plate. This piece will come with a leather hanging strip to be featured on a wall. Great natural patina on the antlers, and 4 points


While the crystalization process is tough and the crystals sealed onto the skull as thoroughly as possible, this skull is FRAGILE! PLEASE refrain from dropping, as both the skull and crystals could be damaged. 

Display in a space that is OUT of direct sunlight, as bleaching can occur. Refrain from getting wet (a light accidental misting won't hurt it, but a large dose of water could cause damage).

PLEASE NOTE: it is normal for the odd tiny piece of crystal to come off every now and then if handled regularly - Please try and handle as little as possible. While large portions of crystal that can be easily seen should not come free, little loose crystals may still remain inside the skulls cavities from the process itself.

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