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We get asked a lot about our home, "The Tree House", featured on our Instagram account, and thought this blog would be a good opportunity to share our humble space.

We were both blessed to be born and raised in San Diego, CA. Having both moved away and found our way back, we are proud and blessed to call it home. Any native San Diegan can tell you that space is scarce outside of the burbs, and rent is HIIIIIIIIGH...... we were truly lucky to find our pad!

Our living room is the most interesting room of the house. We each spent years traveling the world, collecting trinkets, curios and oddities. Finding each other was a dream come true (in more ways than this), but together we manage to create a space that feels like a museum circa the Victorian Naturalism boom.

Every piece in our home save for the mattress is second hand, and picking through junk is our favorite pass time. One man's trash, right?

Some highlights in our pickings have to be the antique gramophone (it works, though goodness is it LOUD!), the epic corner macrame hanging table, and the antique dovetailed wood curio shelf. 

Many of the entomological pieces were done by us, either using old studies that were falling apart, or deceased bugs we've found ourselves. 

Lots of green is a MUST - our plants are our babies! 





Our bedroom is our sanctuary, and usually occupied by the real boss - Tiggy. We wanted to keep the room as light as possible, like a cloud. 

Crystals dot the space, especially selenite, lepidolite, labradorite, and amethyst - all essential for sleep aid! The dream catcher above our heads is a Selenite Wall Hanging, for filtering dreams and calming a rattling mind

.Our backyard is a dream. Aside from a huge grassy area (complete with giant, prolific pomegranate tree), our back patio and studio space are everything we were looking for. 

We tried to make as good of use as we could have with the studio - there are so many facets to Flight of Fancy, that it was lucky we also have a garage! We try and keep it inspiring and beautiful inside the main creation station.

Whether your space is big or small, light or dark, and no matter your style, creating a nest from which to build your life is a luxury - cherish and enjoy every moment of it!


xx Kate & Damien

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