<><> Warm&Wonderful: Stones for your Autumnal Equinox <><>

September 23rd marks the 2015 Autumnal Equinox, signaling the beginning of the fall season.

As the weather changes and the days get shorter, we tend to feel drawn to snuggling in, slowing down, and embrace a mellower pace of life.

However, fall can also be a time to renew our power, and find a balance in our energies. 

With the shorter days ahead, it's extra important to find balance in the dark and light energies within us. It's easy to let the dark overwhelm us - the shorter hours of sunshine can have a physical and emotional effect on us - and by realizing the need to keep these energies balanced, we can use this slower and calmer time to really focus on that perfect yin/yang.

Selenite is perfect for cleansing energies in our home and selves. Smokey Quartz is a stone which transmutes negative energy into positive energy, and is good for those finding themselves overwhelmed by the dark.

Because we have more time for reflection, fall is a good time for finding stability and strength from within. Root and solar plexus chakra stones like Carnelian & Citrine help us find peace and stability in our roots, home and body, while also helping release inner power and positivity.

While we settle into the darker months of the year, we can use fall as a good time to feel grounded, and cleanse ourselves of the high energy of summer. 

Baths are a great way to ground the energy, heal the body, and relax! Using a salt like Halite or even just different sea salt blends are powerful, grounding, cleansing, and even rejuvenating. Add essential oils like lavender can help keep energies calm and serene. 

However we spend our chilly, darker months of fall, just remember to keep balanced, strong and secure. Use these months to enjoy getting to know yourself, and find your true power.



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