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Stones possess energetic healing properties that benefit people in many ways. Determined by a combination of their geometry, the minerals and metals they possess, and the place in which they've grown, every stone carries a different energy unique to itself. 

There are many ways in which stones can be used, and while wearing them, meditating with them, or making grids can be incredibly effective, the most subtle and powerful way to use stones is by simply keeping them around the spaces we occupy most of our time in.

Since each stone carries it's own important healing properties, certain stones are most effective in certain spaces. While placing stones around your space is best done using intuition (if you put a stone somewhere, there's most likely a reason), below is a guide for which stones resonate highest in which spaces. 

<< Using stones around the house >>

Sleep Tight

The bedroom is probably the place where we need the help of crystal energy the most. With today's pace of life, many people suffer from insomnia, poor sleep, bad dreams, or worse. 

Keeping stones around the room that carry a calming energy is perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere conducive for sleep. 

Lepidolite is a mica filled with lithium, and possesses all the energies associated with the pharmacuticles. It helps with stress, anxiety, and depression. Keep it by your bedside to help unwind.

Selenite is a major energy clearing stone, that never needs to be cleaned itself. It's perfect for releasing any energies from a days events that may impede on falling to sleep easily and quickly. Keeping it above the bed - such as in our Selenite Wall Hangings - help filter away those buzzing thoughts. 

Labradorite is the dreamers stone. It helps facilitate dreaming, and is often used by those training to lucid dream as a tool. It is a window to the unconscious mind, and creates a fabulous and vivid dream space.

Keep it Clean

Generally, around the house crystals will continue to do their work in all the right ways. Creating little altars in corners not only help cleanse a space, but aid to the Feng Sui of a room, as it keeps the energy flowing freely.

Clustering stones together amplifies their energy. We tend to group like crystals together - such as clear quartz - create a beautiful little energy vortex in a space. 

Other minerals - such as black tourmaline and selenite - are good for clearing aways electromagnetic pollution, and do well in front of a TV or radio.

<< Creative Space >>

Crystals are great for a work or creative space as well. Many gems promote prosperity, abundance, enhance creativity, combat procrastination, and so much more. 

Damien's workspace is the ultimate man cave, and he decorates with minerals as such. Shiva Linghams, fossils, and giant specimens enhance the grounded, masculine energy that is reflected in his leather and metalwork.

The crystal studio, on the other hand, demands waves of creativity, productivity, and creation, and we've crystalized it as such. Pyrite, garnet, and citrine enhance prosperity and abundance. Creedite, quartz, amethyst and calcite help invigorate creativity. Mookite and apatite help combat feelings of procrastination, and help with setting realistic goals and meeting them. 

Whatever you choose to do with your stones, keep intuition as your guiding force, and have fun! 

Remember to clean them regularly (with sage, selenite, or if they are not water soluable with salt water), and keep them rotating - crystals love to go on adventures and change it up!




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