Bohemian Nights

Bohemian Nights


Long and luxurious, these earrings are made with a mix of rooster and pheasant feathers. Paired with raw chunks of green kyanite and brass hoops, they are a fun statement to wear together or one at a time. Due to the nature of the materials, your pieces may vary slightly from those pictured. 

All of the feathers we use are either cruelty-free or, in the case of the rooster feathers, come from pasture raised birds from an organic farm. All meat is sold for food, so nothing goes to waste. Birds live almost full life spans.  

Please allow 1 - 5 business days before shipping as pieces are made to order. Thank you!


Green Kynite: ♥ Vivid dreams ♥ Channeling ♥ Altered states ♥ Visualisation ♥ Loyalty ♥ Honesty ♥ Serenity

Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Libra


Native American animal totem properties say that a Rooster totem brings enthusiasm and humor and a sense of optimism. It is the protecter, and watcher of the family and home. The Rooster is a totem of great power and mystery, with ties to the ancient past and clues to your own hidden powers. It is the enemy of evil spirits and can bound them with the light of day. Boost your confidence with rooster medicine!

The pheasant aids in bringing healing to family matters with a renewed sense of closeness. Perceptions of old wounds have a chance to be reconciled as Pheasant will show the way to verbalize forgiveness and compassion.


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